All’s cool at Allschool :Allschool brings new tech to online education

All’s cool at Allschool :Allschool brings new tech to online education

Recent events have seen a booming interest in online education, so it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs and investors are stepping up to seize new opportunities.

Allschool, an innovative online education platform founded in Singapore, is rolling out its own integrated teaching tech, Classpod, that puts everything students and teachers need in a virtual learning environment at their fingertips, interactively.


Allschool puts the focus on teacher experience and expertise to create greater flexibility in learning choices for students – whether in core subjects or extra-curricular areas, in small groups or virtual classrooms – and those classrooms aren’t your typical Zoom meeting. No more 20th-century whiteboards or awkward communications – information and interaction are available as needed, when needed, through video, graphics, and dedicated communication interfaces, including intelligent tools, gamified practice, private sidebar instruction, and intelligent incentives for students.

For institutions, there’s opportunity whether they’re just getting up to speed with their online offerings or ready to expand without limit beyond the physical classroom. Allschool can provide the technology to put an educational institution’s entire curriculum online, and once there, to use the platform to reach other towns, other regions, and other countries if they choose.

Courses offered by Allschool include mathematical thinking, language and literature (multilingual), and natural sciences, as well as interest-development courses such as painting, musical instruments, sports, game design, life skills, and more – limited only by a student’s desire and imagination. Teachers are native speakers from all areas.

Allschool’s parent company has investors in common with internationally renowned online education companies, and include IDG Capital, KKR, Sequoia China, and GGV Capital. It has provided more than 10 million classes across 130 regions, and plans to collaborate with Allschool to research and develop new teaching methods and systems.

“Interest is the core motivation for children's learning,” says the head of programs. “In Allschool, from subject selection to learning mode, children around the world will experience the genuine fun of the learning process.”

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