Allschool Reveals Exclusive New “Animal Fun Fair” Live Course Series, Allowing Kids to Immersively Learn Animal Science

Allschool Reveals Exclusive New “Animal Fun Fair” Live Course Series, Allowing Kids to Immersively Learn Animal Science

Singapore, Feb. 15th, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Allschool ("the Company"), an innovative online education platform, has announced a new course series, Animal Fun Fair, is coming to the platform, designed to take students on an immersive tour of the animal kingdom where they can learn animal science while having fun in a virtual zoo.

Available online exclusively between February 15th and March 15th, the lessons will be delivered by Tracy Horner, who has over twenty years of experience in education and teaches students ranging in age from four to university level. Ms. Horner believes that the golden rule for engaging students in learning activities is to make lessons fun and enjoyable, encouraging active participation and exploration of the learning content, ensuring kids look forward to the next lesson.

In the “Animal Fun Fair” course series, students will embark on a mesmerizing journey with Ms. Horner to gobble up fun facts about four fascinating animals that play an important role in our ecosystem: tiger, giraffe, snake, and fox. The course includes clips highlighting the interesting features of the four animals such as how they behave among each other and forage for food, combined with Ms. Horner’s inquiry-oriented explanation that fires and expands kids’ imagination about the animal world.

Thanks to Allschool’s online learning tool, Classpod, kids can interact with the teacher along with other students, draw pictures of the animals on the screen, and receive a star from the teacher when they give a correct answer. Classpod also allows the teacher to invite kids to the stage where they can interact with the real animals, making the learning fun and enjoyable.

An enthusiastic animal lover herself, Ms. Horner is also equipped with a wealth of knowledge on animal care having worked as a wildlife rescuer and zoo worker—an experience that grants her unique insights into animal behaviors and their natural habitats.

“Over the course of my career as an educator and animal worker, I find that kids are constantly fascinated by animals, whether it is about their stories or living environments, and have a natural tendency to develop instant connections with their pets as well as other critters great or small. By incorporating animal-themed elements into Allschool classes, coupled with my personal stories with those amazing creatures, I aim to pique the children’s curiosity about animal science while offering them essential knowledge for their future education,” said Tracy.

With its state-of-the-art technology, Allschool works with experienced teachers with rich professional and educational backgrounds to bring engaging and innovative online learning content to kids around the world. Allschool endeavors to create an unparalleled virtual learning experience that is fun, inspiring and memorable by harnessing Allschool’s proprietary digital tools designed to boost in-class engagement and interaction. Visit here to join Animal Fun Fair with Allschool.

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